“Iota” times “Infinity”.
“Something infinitesimally small” times “Something unfathomably (or is it?) large”


1. Maybe.

The story so far:  infinite universes in the smallest and infinite universes in the biggest. What is the result?

One. Universe.

I have always wondered what (1/infinity) could mean. Mathematics told me it was zero. I doubt it. How can the ‘1’ be so easily ignored? I have a better answer.

(1/infinity) is me. You. All of us. 1 on this turtle’s back. (No, I am not that unscientific)

Given this privilege, I believe in making my ‘1’ significant and I can only do that by understanding the infinity below me.

Fun fact: Approximately, 17 million billion bits of information is received by the average human brain in one second. 99% of it is ignored.

I contemplate my existence on this blog and invite you all to join me.