“Iota” times “Infinity”.
“Something infinitesimally small” times “Something infinitely large”


1. Maybe.

In this Universe, there are infinite universes in the smallest and infinite universes in the biggest. Yet all of it results in ? One. “Uni”verse.

I have always wondered what (1/infinity) is. In math, we say it’s zero. I don’t believe in this. How can the “1” be so easily ignored? I have a better answer.

(1/infinity) is me. You. All of us. WE are 1 in this infinite universe. And to show our significance, we have to understand the infinity we are being divided by. We can only do that by learning. Continuously, every day, every second.

Fun fact: Approximately, 17 million billion bits of information is received by the average human brain in one second. 99% of it is ignored.

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