Pink Floyd is spiritual

I had disliked Pink Floyd all my life up till now i.e. 5 years because before that I didn’t have a taste in music. I was into the Beatles since 2009 but that was because my guitar teacher in school was a huge Beatles fan. I starting liking David Bowie, a bit of Led Zeppelin (especially the drumming), the Smiths (although, they were kinda repetitive) but Pink Floyd was just too instrumental. For me at least, lyrics are a vital part of a song and although I didn’t mind the riffs and the instrumental parts, I used to feel that Pink Floyd was too focused on that.

Recently I starting playing the Ukulele and decided on “discovering” different music. I watched a ukulele cover of Wish You Were Here on youtube and the riff became an earworm. And the lyrics to the song are unparalleled. Pure beauty. David Gilmour is a genius. If we are talking about lyrics, we can’t miss Another Brick In The Wall. On Point Lyrics. Pink Floyd can write and in fact, is godly in writing.

Let us take a minute to talk about Syd Barett. Cryptic, Crazy, Genius. The definition os kind of people I idolize. Pink Floyd was led by 3 leaders at 3 different times. This just shows how unusual the band was.

And now I understand, Pink Floyd doesn’t need lyrics to make a good song. And that’s why majorly instrumental songs like Shine On You Crazy Diamond are so great. Their solos are extraordinary. I can prove it.

At 2 a.m., shut down your lights and plug in your earphones and listen to Comfortably Numb’s second solo. You will realize that you have a soul. It is a spiritual, psychedelic experience.


Moral of the story is, kids, keep exploring music. Even if you didn’t like a particular band or genre, grow up and listen to it again. Growing up is just about this- finding better music.

Also movie recommendation: I watched Boyhood recently. Watch it if you haven’t already.


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