Reasons why I can’t write poetry

I always thought that poets were the coolest people in the world. I decided to be one. Like the result of most of the things I try doing, I failed at it. I started writing a poetry blog a few years back only to realize I was awful. If you are like me, confused about if you should continue writing poetry, you will find the ‘reasons why I can’t write poetry’ relatable.

     1.I CAN explain my poems

The defining characteristic of a poem is that you can’t explain in any other way. You are just supposed to feel. Surely, I do feel my poems (although, I have an emotional range of a teaspoon), I can tell you what each and every line means. Whatever, I express in my poetry, I can express by the means of prose as well. Thus, my poems aren’t really poems.

    2. I only know how to rhyme

I don’t understand how people can write poetry that doesn’t have a very clear rhyming scheme. For me, poems are just lines whose last words rhyme. These people are some geniuses or something. If I start writing a poem that doesn’t rhyme, it will just end up being an essay. In this sense, I don’t write poems, I write rhymes.

   3. I don’t feel a supernatural intervention while writing poetry

Writing poetry is described as an utmost delicate process. Poets fascinate me and thus after reading about their lives, I have concluded that they all have one thing in common and that is: their source of inspiration cannot be described in mundane terms. They experience a paranormal push towards their writing process. And as irrational as this sounds, I believe that it is true.  Because it happens to me when I am thinking about certain things. I feel a certain “creative spirit” enters me which helps me how to approach a calculus problem or continue a fictional situation I am building. But I don’t feel anything as such while writing poetry.


Despite these shortcomings, I thoroughly enjoy writing poetry (which is not poetry really) and that is why I continue to write.

Moral Lesson from Stuti: We may be bad at a lot of things, but as long as we enjoy these things, we should ignore the criticism, self and external alike.

I encourage you to not give up on poetry. Let’s be bad poets together and someday we’ll form an “Alive Poets Society”.


Sorry John Keating, I do not agree to this




2 thoughts on “Reasons why I can’t write poetry

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  1. All those three points you explained don’t make you a bad poet, really. I mean, being able to explain your poems isn’t a downside- if anything, it makes you a better poet since you know your poem inside out. As for your second point, it all depends on the poet. If you’re more comfortable writing rhyming poetry, do it. If free verse happens to be your thing, do it. I know poetry bloggers who consciously care about things like meter and poetic devices. Personally, I find it unnecessary. Poetry should be a spontaneous flow of thoughts, not a tedious exercise of counting stressed and unstressed syllables. Coming to your third point, it’s not necessary that everyone feels that ‘creative spirit.’ I never do, or maybe I get so engrossed while writing that I ignore it. A supernatural inspiration isn’t a prerequisite to write poetry.
    That being said, I appreciate you for coming out with what you believe to be your flaws and laughing at yourself on the internet. I’m sure you’ll write an amazing poem someday.

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