Analysing a hero?

Slightly digressing from the original theme of this blog’s content, today I am writing about someone who has influenced my understanding a lot. This person may be fictional, a myth, supernatural existence or a creature of past but for me, he is a concept, an abstract symbol of something beyond the mundane.

He is the character called Krishna. He occupies a significant role in Indian mythological stories as a form (called avatar) of  “Vishnu”- The saviour of the world. He is the seventh avatar of Vishnu, after the fish, the tortoise, the boar, the half man-half lion, the dwarf and a righteous king came the harbinger of domestication and introduced the concept of democracy, Krishna.

I am seriously not into much religious stuff but mythology always caught my curiosity and thus I am a skeptic girl who is also a walking encyclopaedia of the Mahabharata. People don’t know that side of me but nothing has made a bigger influence on my functioning than getting to know the Mahabharata back in ninth grade. And especially Krishna. I never revered him like a God as thousands of people in my country do, but I alway looked up to him as a character in a novel.

Vishnu is a representation of evolution for me and thus, Krishna depicts life as he is the closest form of Vishnu that today’s time has experienced. I won’t say Krishna is the best possible man to be but is the life the best thing it can be?

Krishna was born with a purpose- to kill his mother’s cruel brother. A purpose. That is perhaps the most un-understood concept yet it exists. Every life has a purpose otherwise its existence is sort of meaningless: something that will cease to exist and worse, continue. Krishna symbolizes the true cause of life itself: purpose.

Krishna’s personality grew with his age. He symbolized childhood, innocence, the subtle understanding of love when he was in Mathura. As he entered life in Vrindavan, he grew darker. This movement from Mathura to Vrindavan is the rite of passage everyone experiences. The transition from childhood to adulthood where one has to leave their innocence and happiness in some sense as Krishna left Radha.

Then Krishna moved on to Dwarka, where for some reason she could not be crowned the king, he was more of a prime minister: a concept completely new to a land ruled by kings. Krishna is innovation that benefits society as a whole.

After this came the Mahabharata, called Jaya originally. Darker shades of Krishna is reflected in this battle fought between two “rightful” owners of the throne of Hastinapur. Krishna is a rule-breaker, a cheater, a manipulator, a strategist, a diplomat in the war. He is perfectly human in every sense. One might say that he did not participate in the war at all because he had not picked up any weapons. But did he not? He was more involved in the war than anyone else. Yet he was not a part of the war. Why? Because it was not his purpose. It was someone else’s and it was Krishna’s purpose to make people realize their respective purposes. How beautifully real is that?

We enter someone’s life, influence it, yet we can’t coincide our existence with theirs. We can only fulfil our purpose. Krishna is this realization, the realization of separation of meaning.

In the end, Krishna was cursed and thus, he died along with his Dwarka. The ending of life and everything you had left behind a legacy for someone else to live.

I have read the Gita which is a part of the Mahabharata at least five times. It’s very boring and honestly, I don’t agree with a lot of things written in it. I don’t get it. That’s how complex Krishna is. I don’t understand what he says and why! some things don’t even make sense, others just contradict themselves. Maybe that’s why I find Krishna so fascinating. A bigger meaning of things I don’t understand.


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