Hidden Subtle Abnormalities

Here’s just a list of things that I (and probably you) find so extremely miraculous that I stop believing that reality is real. *dozes off*


1. Books

Bark of trees, undergone immense processing with chemicals of all sorts, tied up uniformly and decorated with a cover on top. A minimalistic thing as a book has the potential to warp itself to the grimmest concealed parts your intellectual complex network, the brain. The idea of a book is such a miraculous one. Such a subtle “thing” and it is not a “thing”. How does ink have so much of potential? It leads to revolution.


2. Tears

An unfulfilled desire, an unexpected loss, common nostalgia, an effort gone waste: and all that happens is squeezing out salty water from your window to the world. Tears. They’re so weird. They’re just water but the cause is so strong.


3. Music

A sound produced at fixed intervals. That’s it. That is what music is. Ans yet that is not “just” what music is. It can dry up tears, rekindle motivation and make a happy person weep. Change in frequencies, that’s all.



4. Sleeping

We actually pretend to be sleeping so that we can sleep. It’s so funny. We sleep one third of the day and we don’t even remember it. everything happens in the the same head we use rest of the yet. Honestly, I am laughing right now.


5. Rules of life

To put it  more clearly -“civilisation”. I wake up 5:30 to the song “Stayin’ Alive” everyday ( yes that’s my alarm tone), essentially do the same thing till 3, eat, essentially do the same thing till 9, eat,  essentially do the same thing till 11, and then don’t remember anything I did from 11 to 5:30. And it seems so normal to me.  But wow, it’s not normal.



Go get back to work now.

Add to the list. Comment below!



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  1. You followed my blog; I think that makes me pleased though I feel like I’m inside a bubble of mature yet immensely viscous thoughts reading this and my hope for a better world, or at least a dinner that’s 1. warm 2. on my plate and 3. not envied by Dog, might just have leaked out of my ears to create that bubble. If I follow back will I understand where I’m going when I click on the email that says you’ve posted or should I, perhaps view the screen through muslin in the hope of filtering out the stuff that could aural leaks? Alternatively thank you for the follow and I hope you find the inside of whatever it is you are trying to get inside. And it’s warm. Obviously.


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