Why does the Grey world seem Black and White?

We all live on the extremes of life. Some of us (-being partially bipolar- I know the suffering) more than others. We’re happy and we’re sad. That’s what we were always taught. The world is made of two kinds of people.

Good and Evil.

Happy and Sad.

Night and Day.

Heaven and Hell.

Black and white.

That’s how we start perceiving things in general. We can’t cry and laugh at the same time. But does not mean there is a  boundary with width tending to zero that divides everything?

In reality, the boundary does not tend in with to zero. Because there is more to everything than poles. Poles that show the opposite sides. We are happy and sad simultaneously because it’s not just one reality we are living. If a certain segment of the happenings in the universe influence us in a certain way, the rest of the happenings can go the exact opposite way.

There is twilight, is it day or night? There is the Earth between heaven and hell and there is good in evil. The world is not black and white, it is grey.

That is because existence is not single dimensioned. It is a web of time and a much more intricate web of happenings at a single time. And the reason why we can understand that everything is grey is because we are growing.

When the world wasn’t the way we know it today, people were confined in their walkable neighbourhood where when it was night at the same time. Fast forward 2017,   it’s dark and I am writing this (I should be sleeping, though) and it’s nighttime for me but I know people in the States are walking under the sun right now. Thus I know that it is not completely nighttime. It isn’t black. It is white somewhere and thus taking the mean, it is grey.

So it is the simple lack of broadening of perception when we declare stuff as white or black.

But still, why was the idea of two opposites even created?

Because it is the easiest way to think. The time is 1:50. I ask you the time. You’ll tell me 2:00. We won’t remember the date, but we’ll always know the month. Think of something you like to eat? Easy. Something that you neither like or dislike but are okay eating? Took you more time to think. Do you believe in religion? Do you believe in God? Chances are the answers to both these questions were the same.

The thing is we tend to approximate things. Pi=3.14. It’s easier that way. You don’t feel good about a certain person. The person will be one your bad books. How many people do we actually know who we feel neutral about? We round off everything to the nearest place it is. This not only makes it easier to think about but also remember. The Mandela effect also plays an important role here. Because we start thinking on certain lines, were we group things in clearly defined boundaries, we start creating false memories to make these things fit in these boxes better.

But some things are actually clearly defined coinciding with a certain extreme, why so?

Relativity play a role here. As an individual, you are standing at a certain platform in the white-black spectrum regarding a certain thing. That’s why you tend to see thing sin a particular way that others don’t or that isn’t real. Let’s take an easy example.

Jack meets John. Jack is friends with Paul who hates John.

And because people are stupid and are only capable of judging people, everyone starts to judge John’s evilness.

Because Jack has an already biased opinion about John because of Paul, he starts from 5.


George is John’s brother and he loves him. Therefore he starts from -5.


According to Ringo, a neutral person who hasn’t had any connections with John before (and therefore starts at 0), Jack’s evilness is 5.  (Grey)


But for Jack,  it is 5+5=10     (Black)

And for George, it is  -5+5=0  (White)

We see that despite a situation being completely grey, it is still considered as white or black by certain people.

In conclusion, while the world is grey we still see it as black and while because we are lazy people who are happy thinking in terms of boxes and thus have divided the world into two boxes for our convenience. And if something doesn’t fit in the boxes, we cut it or simply start believing that it exists in one of the boxes.

Let’s break the boxes and think as more neutral individuals. Is that what “think out the box” means?

Embrace the Grey.


Made you think? Have a question? There will be an answer.






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