The complex non-existence of nothing and co-existence


“”   Your eyes magnify or it is the moon,

Because it is the only source of illumination around

Except it’s not only vision that builds perception

You can touch the blades seeming leaves

That cage around Your Lake of Nothingness.

A crisis you face

The usual experiences lead to a sad realisation

Of the  surprisingly decoded existence

Of everything and everyone around.

And so there you are in the moonlight

beside Your lake, ready to drown

Because it is made of Nothingness, afterall.

The moon is suddenly gone

So is the lake

But wait! Wasn’t the lake made of Nothingness?

Where can Nothingness possibly go?

Nowhere because it was never there.

The lake, Your lake was a thought

and a thought can’t be Nothing.  “”



The next time you think of “Nothing”, try to define it. It is “Something that doesn’t exist”.

Therefore,  Nothing= Something (plus other parameters)  …….(1)

Also, we know that nothing is the opposite of something,

Nothing (is not)= Something                               ………(2)

Equating (1) and (2)


Thus, the whole idea of “non existence” is false. Because if it exists, it doesn’t *not* exist. There is only kind of existence ~EXISTENCE~ and coexistence is something that doesn’t make sense.


Fun fact: In France, it is legal to marry a dead person.


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