The n^th dimension: Probability Axis Theory

We all are well aware of the 3 axes we live in: i, j, k or x, y, z. We also are well acquainted with the dimension called “time” which apparently appears to move in one direction. Some of us might be knowing the multiverse theory, where everything exists parallel with a few differences.

I would like to introduce my Probability Axis Theory which sees probability as a dimension, something similar to the axes we know (x, y, z, time). What if space and time splits up from a particular event for all the events that can “possibly” follow that event?

To explain simply, let’s take Jack. We declare a particular event in spacetime as Jack having an apple in his hand.

1491669635932 (1)

He is carefully placed at some coordinates (x,y,z) and the time is t. Now let’s consider three possibilities:


Now since all of these are possible, how can we be so sure one of them happens? Why? My Probability Axis Theory says that since each one these (and many more) are possible, they will happen. Now, it’s not like one of the possibilities will happen and then time will continue till the end, and then suddenly time will take a U-turn to return to a point in spacetime where Jack had the apple and then continue with the other possibilities. This won’t make sense.

IMG_20170408_221043188 (1)

What may happen is that spacetime splits up to make all of these happen and thus, it results in the many many realities, something we call the “Multiverse”. All the universes created are running parallel in terms of time.

This introduces “Probability” as a dimension which flows with spacetime.


So basically, an infinite number of universes are being created every second. Your choosing to go left or right will create a new universe. Who knows? The universe is expanding after all… maybe to fit in the many many possibilities following each event.


Till the next time, we might not exist.


Made you think? I would love to hear your opinion; leave a comment below!

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