HailHealth: If you don’t drink water?

April is here and has brought with it the ever anticipated summer season. Yay summers! The biggest threat to your health in the next 3-4 months to follow is the almost three quarters composition of your body. Yes lads and ladettes, you guessed it right: our beloved water.



If you don’t believe in living a happier, healthier, longer life, do not scroll down. But if you are (and you should) then you’ll thank me for being so considerate.

So let’s take this gentleman, Jack and look at his life story. Jack was living life with peace until one day, he saw Vader in his dreams telling him not to drink water. Being a huge Star Wars fan, he decided to do so.

Day 1:

Jack’s mouth is dry. No serious problem as such. Minimal headaches. Less sweating and urination.

Day 2:

Jack’s temperature rises because of the lack of evaporation. Jack is unable to control his mood. He gets diarrhoea, headache increases, skin becomes dry. Blood pressure falls.

Day 3:

Water from Jack’s kidneys is being squeezed out to provide for blood circulation. Jack loses control of his brain.

Day 4:

Skin dry, eyes dry, blood pressure falls to extremely low level. Kidneys get infected. Frequent unconsciousness.

Day 5:

R.I.P Jack.


Hope I didn’t scare you much. But 4 days, just 4 days is what you can live without this miraculous drink. ( it obviously depends on the temperature of the place and activities of the person and age; 4 is the average)

I don’t need to explain why we need water,we all know that. Yet, majority of the people don’t reach the amount required.

2-3 litres. That’s it. Can’t you do it in one day?

You are cutting out years of your life if you miss out that goal. STOP BEING JACK and kill the Vader inside you.


Okay follow this rule, what do you think out the most in your day? Just program your brain in a such a way that whenever you think of that thing, you think of water. And drink it. Wake up, drink. Getting bored, drink. For eg, I think a lot about penguins and them losing their habitat, so I have programmed my brain to associate with penguins.

download (1)
Seriously, do something about global warming

You’ll start feeling better about life in general.

Thanks for reading and spread the word.

Fun fact: iota to the power iota is a real number. The proof is very cool. Search it.


Recently, I have been thinking about healthy living (weird) so if you want me to write about anything you can comment or write to me at iotatimesinfinity@gmail.com



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  1. I think the fear of “fridge se Paani Nikal kar Piya hai toh dobara bhar ke rakho” is to be credited more than Vader for not drinking enough water


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