Where is “everyone out there”?

Let’s stop being so arrogant about our existence and realise the unlikelihood of us being alone in this entire universe. I mean, why? Why would we be the only ones? This whole thing of finding “Little Green Men” walking on Red Planets having a weird sense of humour has been there even since we were born. I always wanted to be Ellie Arroway and decipher strange codes sent by the unknown.


Alas, as of today, we don’t have the slightest clue if “they” exist at all. Intrigued by the idea, I came up with the following possibilities:

1. We are not advanced enough to be able to make contact

 Yeah, why not? The human race took a long long time to discover microorganisms due to the simple fact we can’t see them. We discovered the presence of the Higgs Boson, or for that matter even the fact that matter is made up of atoms, so much later and still there is so much in the microscopic world we are yet to discover. Even if the extra terrestrial beings are trying to send some sort of clues or signals, we are unable to identify them. Or it may be the other way round; them not being advanced enough.

2. The universe is incredibly, mind bogglingly huge


With larger size comes larger distances (no shit Sherlock) but can speed overcome these distances? Because time flows at a constant rate at a particular place. As of today the average life expectancy is  68 years and 6 months. If the signals are sent over such huge distances, large amount of time is required. It may require decades or centuries for something to reach us or something to reach them. Most people working on that particular means of contact die, technology advances so much more in this years and older research is thrown away. How can we expect the entire Earth to not evolve at all for centuries because it is waiting for a response to a signal, considering the fact that there might be no receiver at all?

3. Our presence is known but not acknowledged

Maybe so is life. That is why we are so brutally ignored:(

Okay, this one is creepy. Maybe we are known to them but since there are so many of others, they don’t feel the need to shake hands with us. Imagine a deep forest. The forest minister won’t span the entire forest and record all the trees. Oh by the way, some day the forest might be cleared for building a residential area. Get what I mean? Or maybe we are just kept under observation, waiting to get advanced enough. Maybe they have a mission for us and we are just getting ready for it. Me might have a purpose after all.

Is someone planning on this?

4. No one wants to meet anyone

This is a very cool theory ( read cool as “pointless ramblings in my brain”) . We live in a universe of super introverted beings. So maybe there might have been a time when the different races of the universe were in peace and harmony together but one day something led to a civil war that concluded with the decree that “ no inter dimensional and inter galactic (for that matter, even intra) movements are further considered legal for the sake of peaceful living”. Cool. So everyone just stayed at home. Maybe even Earth was part of this when it happened and our ancestors were one of those who decreed this. They destroyed all records so that we don’t have any clue about intergalactic awesomeness.


5. Perhaps, we are alone

This is depressing but it may be true after all. After everything on earth becomes extinct, maybe the universe will continue living lifeless.


All images have been googled and put up. Sorry for being lazy.


Made you think? I would love to hear in the comments!

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7 thoughts on “Where is “everyone out there”?

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  1. Oh, I love this! I have a theory too. Aliens love comedy. They watch what goes on earth through observational technology we don’t understand. It would include, but is not limited to, invisible space ships! Some even live secretly among us just to be near creatures who fall down as much as we do and elect leaders like the current ones, a source of unending yucks and giggles. But if they make their presence known and expose us to the ultimate answers of life, the universe, and everything, we are smart enough to get serious and learn them. Then the comedy show they enjoy so much would dry up and be no more. Just a theory.

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