“Feminism”: A scientific perspective

Please be very sure of what these words actually mean:

Feminism: Advocacy of equal social, political and economic rights of all genders.

Essentialism: A view that categories of people such as men, women, or heterosexuals or homosexuals have intrinsically different and characteristic nature.

If you had other opinions about these terms, blame your vocabulary not people.


What does science support?

Yes, science supports essentialism and that is so obvious. If people argue men and women and other genders are same, that is not feminism and that is not true. All genders are not the same. We are all very different and that is so obvious that it is almost stupid when people shout out loud “men and women are the same”. No.

Also, the gender stereotypes are true: it is scientifically proven that men have more analytically thinking brain power than women, it is proven men are physically stronger than women.

But does essentialism mean that feminism shouldn’t exist?

Essentialism is not the opposite of feminism. Essentialism is purely scientific but feminism does not have anything to do with science, it is more of a social belief. Essentialism is a proven fact.

Now, this is what feminism states:

“All genders are not identical, but are equal”

People confuse the words “identical” and “equal”. Yes, all genders ARE different but that does not give any particular gender the right to claim supremacy over the rest of the society. This is social science. This is feminism.

Hating men is called misandry and fighting that everyone is the “same” is called irrationalism.


So does science support the gender stereotypes?

It is known that we are all wired very differently and that gender plays a massive role in our wiring. But just because a woman is a woman she must not be discouraged or looked down upon for pursuing science. In the end we are different people with different brain wiring and although gender plays a big role, it is not the only factor that determines our intellectual or physical capacity. Science supports this.

Then why, even today when most people believe that we have reached equality, do we find less number of females in so-called male dominated jobs?

Let’s take the number of female scientists. It is way less than the number of male scientists. This has nothing to do with the brain.

source: xkcd

Firstly, the discrimination is already prevalent. Women are paid less, given fewer resources and socially demotivated to take up science. The woman ends up taking up a female-dominant job because there she will at least be treated as an equal.

This is worse for colored, gay and transgendered women.

Side note: It has been proved that there are more than two genders. It’s true that the sex chromosomes can be found in two ways: XX and XY but science says that only sex chromosomes don’t define a gender and other biological parameters are also taken into consideration.

Secondly, it all comes down to the way children have been raised. Scientifically, a child’s brain is much more influenced by what it is taught than an adult’s brain. Girls are taught to be happy to be called beautiful than to be called smart. They are taught that they are the one’s to manage the house, the husband, the kids even if it means neglecting their careers. Only guys can be Jedis and girls will always be a Princess Leia who needs a Luke Skywalker to rescue her. And people who don’t identify as men or women are C-3PO: mere robots, things that aren’t alive. A circus lion gets trained to do stuff in a few months if it is constantly influence. Imagine what kids learn when are constantly bombarded with definitions of their social roles for 18 years of their lives.



Thus, essentialism exists and feminism is an idea you can choose to believe in.

Who needs feminism?

I do. You do. Why? Because the idea of living on a planet where one particular biological section of the most advanced species dominates over the rest of the sections of the same species, creating chaos, incorporation, ignorance, insufficient usage of human potential, is just so stupid.


Thus, the next time you call a feminist an irrational chaos creator keep all the definitions in your mind. And the next time a woman tells you to get up from a seat because “Women Empowerment”, be Rosa Parks and tell her that she ain’t a feminist.

Let’s support equality in the differences we have, not empowerment.


Note: No offence intended to anyone’s beliefs.

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5 thoughts on ““Feminism”: A scientific perspective

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  1. I love this different perspective on the issue and you made a lot of great points! I think this, “All genders are not identical, but are equal”, is an important thing to remember as well, a lot of people, (or at least the people I know), sees femnists as “man haters” and “feminazis”.
    I just really wish people would know that feminists don’t fight for their own superiority, we fight for equality.
    Great post! xx

    Liked by 2 people

    1. The sad part is when people start to support feminism because they “pity” women. I mean a man should support it for his own sake, because he was told he shouldn’t cry because he’s a guy, because doing anything “unmanly” makes him a faggot. Feminism is universal and everyone’s equality.

      Liked by 1 person

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