Will you survive if you’re the only person left?

You wake up. New day, new hopes. Your house is empty. Your locality is empty. It doesn’t take a genius to realise that the entire planet is empty because that is what happens in hypothetical situations. ( empty= devoid of human beings) You think that it’s a miracle and now you can live freely. However, this feeling is short-lived because you realise that now you are going to be short-lived. You’ll run out food, water, services etc. and die.

Well, that is not very likely. Considering all the resources present currently and you just being an individual, you are never going to run out of necessary-for-survival resources. You might not have internet, electricity, transport and everything that we in 2017 equate our lives with, but you’ll still have air, water, food. (We are assuming you don’t acquire a fatal disease)

You know what? You’ll still die. Very soon.

Thanks to evolution.


The first humans, perhaps, couldn’t have had ‘friends’. 

The earliest humans must have been active in the night. Darkness gives better opportunity to hide and therefore to hunt. But then humans evolved to be more active in the day. Why? To stay together. To hunt together. And most importantly, to be safe. An individual is more likely to get killed alone at night than in the day time when it is with a group although the chances of a predator spotting it are higher in the day time.


Overtime, humans realised that a group is much better at returning results than an individual. An individual can’t acquire all skills. Even among dominating peers, people started learning how to adjust because something is better than nothing.

Carrying out all activities during the day made humans more active during the day. Eventually, being solitary became rare because being a group was so much more beneficial. Later on, this became a way of living. It became unimaginable to be alone.

People began copying each other, trends and fashions developed, a general understanding of how life is supposed to be became accepted. (Please don’t argue that you have solitary existence because you don’t talk to anyone. You still go to a doctor when you are sick)

Tolerating power increased and ‘I’ became ‘We’. Humans began to realise that they are one species and need to function the same way. Quid Pro Quo became the general way of living.

Evolution favoured it because it follows the rule: Survival of the fittest. Humans realised that they were “fitter” when they gang-up.

An important thing to consider here is why such differences were accepted by the brain,the thing that drives us. The earliest humans did not have “friends” as mentioned earlier. Why? Because they were confused. They did not know how they came into existence and what purpose did they have. Therefore, everyone wandered on their own simply because they were not sure what was happening. As societies developed, humans stopped searching for that purpose. They were born into “families”, lived among “neighbours”, went to “schools”, partied with “friends”, fought with “enemies”, died among “doctors”. The purpose of existence became existence itself. That may sound stupid when thought of specifically, but that is what we all accept, that is what we have evolved to accept. We live in societies because that enables us to survive and that is the whole point of living. We exist to exist.

And for that we need a group, we need a fully functioning society with agreements and conflicts. We need the site of the same species as ours.


Back to the hypothetical empty earth situation, the most antisocial of all people would kill him/herself.  Not because of loneliness, not because of boredom, not because of any lack of skills required by other people BUT because of the lack of purpose.

With all humans gone, the person would lose the purpose to exist, start searching for some purpose but even for that he’ll require other people because he’s so used to it. And come on homo sapiens, you can’t disagree with me that with the current knowledge and intellectual development our species has, it is not possible for an individual to find an entirely new purpose within fifty years.

Without purpose, you die. Searching for purpose, you go insane and die.



Fun fact: More than 50% of the people have not made or received a phone call.


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4 thoughts on “Will you survive if you’re the only person left?

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  1. What if the survivor is a doctor, he would have enough cars in the neighbourhood for transportation, enough food in the neighbourhood too. Could get a generator for electricity and fuel for it would be abundant, crash in stores to get all the videogames and movies to date. Sounds like utopia to me.
    *We have ruled out fatal diseases


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