Did someone say you shouldn’t eat ice cream in winters?

Game-of-Thrones-Season-Winter-Is-Coming-Wallpaper.jpgNovember arrives and so does the season of sweaters and coffee ( at least for those of us in the northern hemisphere).

More significantly, Earth’s axis tilts away from the sun, noses become red (not just Rudolph’s), sale of handkerchieves rise and common cold  becomes more common.

IMG_20161106_222448.jpgRemember from your childhood when you were refused to be given an ice cream just because it was cold. But cold it associated with viruses, why boycott innocent ice creams?

IMG_20161106_222419.jpgCommon cold is caused by a virus called Rhinovirus. During the winter season, there is change in the pattern of blood flow in our bodies. Blood moves towards the interiors from the peripherals. Also, cold air slightly diminishes immune responses. So everything gets down to immunity. So this is why common cold is more common in winters:

A person’s  (X) already low immunity gets further affected by the cold air. This person is infected by the virus. Since, in winters people tend to stay indoors, more physical interaction takes place and so more people catch the virus from X . These people meet more people who then catch the virus. More people, more interaction, more virus.

As far as ice cream is concerned, eating anything cold affects the mucous lining in the respiratory tract. This lining shrinks as a result of cold food and thus, exposes the respiratory tract to microorganisms that may cause infections.

Is this related to the atmospheric conditions? Absolutely not.

So ice creams pose no threats to you in winter unless there is some winter special flavour called “virus”. You can happily go eat Olaf.

IMG_20161106_222326.jpgFun fact: While it seems counterintuitive, Earth is actually closest to the sun in December, even though winter solstice is the shortest day of the yea.

Freaky fact: Tall people are more likely to get cold because a larger surface area means more heat loss.

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