Are you a "cat person" or a "dog person"?

“Cat people” is a term used to refer to people who like cats and similarly “dog people”.
So what makes you prefer Canidae over Felidae or vice versa?

Studies such as this and this suggest that personality traits play a major role in this. The Big Five is the popularly accepted model for personality determination and according to these studies the comparison is as follows:

  • Extraversion: higher in dog people
  • Agreeableness: higher in dog people
  • Conscientiousness: higher in dog people
  • Neuroticism:  higher in cat people
  • Openness: higher in cat people
Basically, “cat people” are associated with more introverted, shy, intelligent personality traits while “dog people” are associated with extraverted, social, confident, intimidating traits. Reasons for this might be the personality traits of the respected animals.
Pet dogs like to play the game”fetch”with their own i.e. an outdoor game where a person throws a stick and the dog runs to get it and return to the person. This is contrast with cats who are happy left alone with a ball of wool. Similarly, in a fight between a cat and a dog, the dog barks and the cat timidly runs and hides in a tree. Also a street cat is usually seen strolling alone while street dogs like to move in a pack.
However, it is important to consider that these studies are only based on data obtained through surveys and the people participating are “self identified” dog lovers or cat lovers. Also, it should be noted that people may change their preferences over a period of time. Also, there are people who are both cat lovers and dog lovers and there are also people who like neither. Another aspect is whether liking a particular animal involves the entire family of that animal or not? For example, we might consider a cat to be timid, but what about a lion?


As a general observer I can say that animal preferences overlap with personality traits but it is not always true. It definitely has become stereotypical to associate personalities with pet preferences because that is the general trend.

Most people will choose A because that is the stereotype that has been set in our mind.

Fun fact: Hyenas may look more like dogs but they are more closely related to cats.


Freaky fact: Your cat mentally controls you with that cry sound.

If you are a dog person or a cat person, how much do you relate to these stereotypes? Let me know in the comments!


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