Pink Floyd is spiritual

I had disliked Pink Floyd all my life up till now i.e. 5 years because before that I didn't have a taste in music. I was into the Beatles since 2009 but that was because my guitar teacher in school was a huge Beatles fan. I starting liking David Bowie, a bit of Led Zeppelin... Continue Reading →


Celebrating 100 years of Feynman

Yay! Feynman turns hundred. For the record, I love Richard P. Feynman. He is the perfect human specimen and one of my favorite scientists. I read Surely You're Joking, Mr. Feynman and The Pleasure of Finding Things Out a few years back. I started reading his lectures recently, but after a while, some things did not make sense... Continue Reading →

Poem: encephalon

Keeps growing darker and darker Keeps moving farther and farther Than black Than infinity Keeps falling deeper and deeper Keeps feeling weaker and weaker Than the inferno Than a cadaver Keeps freezing colder and colder Keeps getting messier and messier Than Nebula Than art ~ I painted the image myself.

Why is your coin acting so strange?

Take 10 coins and toss them: I got-- HTHTTHHHTH        Observation: 60% heads, 40% tails THTTHTHTTTH       Observation: 40% heads, 60% tails This seems normal, right? My coin is unbiased but then why is the percentage, not 50%? Now, toss a coin 100 times: (or click here if you share my lazy gene)... Continue Reading →

#EarthDay: 5 natural beauties of Earth

Happy Earth Day! (Whatever it is..) In honor of it, I present five places on our planet that I find the most beautiful, in a natural sense without the human developments. 1. Yellowstone National Park, United States The first national park of Earth. But even without that acknowledge, just look at this hotspot! That is... Continue Reading →

Book review: The Idiot

This is the review for The Idiot written by Elif Batuman, not Fyodor Dostoevsky's The Idiot. I decided to read this because it was mentioned in my college's recommended summer reading list which you can see here. It is the story an 18-year-old, Selin, who starts her freshman year at Harvard University. In the approximately 400 pages, Selin explores... Continue Reading →

Book review: Interpreter of Maladies

Interpreter of Maladies is a Pulitzer- winning collection of short stories written by Jhumpa Lahiri. The stories are NewYorker fiction length i.e. 4000 words approximately. I have been Lahiri's fan for a long time but I had only read her articles and stories found in certain publications. This was the first book I read written... Continue Reading →

A world burns, Creates new turns

Left or right? A world burns Creates new turns For travellers So done With everything They don't know of And yet They go on Following the Burning worlds Leaving the Burning worlds Of fire and smoke Of light and warmth Throughout The sleepless nights The fire It grows The wood of which No one knows... Continue Reading →

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